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Experienced Personal Injury Attorney- Tacoma, Washington

23rd November 2010
By Kathleen Chester in Personal Injury
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Life is unpredictable and accidents may occur anytime. These unforeseeable circumstances can cause hardship and problem to the injured party. Accidents involve minor or severe injuries that may make a person disabled. The physical problems lead to financial ones as well. So, it is necessary to take help of a personal injury attorney, immediately after an accident.

Catastrophic personal injury can cost a large amount of money, suffering and pain. In most cases the insurance companies are unwilling to even up victims fully. So, hiring a personal injury lawyer in Tacoma, Washington can help you get full financial compensation for injuries. You will also get compensation against damage of your vehicle, especially if the fault was of other party. A personal injury attorney advises the clients on the amount of compensation claimed that includes- present and future medical expenses, financial loss, expenses related to physical assistance, loss of earnings, disfigurement, pain, suffering, mental anguish, temporary or permanent disability, and so on. However, all these things need to be proven in the court.

A personal injury lawyer legally represents clients who suffer physical or psychological injuries resulting from another person's carelessness or unlawful activity. He helps people involved in auto accidents, with their disability (those caused by the injury) claims. The attorney is trained to represent the client to the best of his ability. He helps the clients as much as possible with the compensation claim. He also helps the injured party in deciding who is to be held liable for the injuries caused. The attorney helps the clients to secure payments for covering the cost of medical expenses or/and income that may be lost due to the accident, before a final settlement is paid.

If you want an expert personal injury attorney- Tacoma, Washington, visit Attorney Sam J. Fogerty of Lakewood, WA, has over 21 years of experience in general practice, with emphasis upon personal injury and family law. He provides legal services including personal injury, family law and others throughout the state of Washington. In all of his cases he works diligently to seek justice for his clients. He offers legal advice and representation at very reasonable rates. His law firm provides personalized care to each client. You will get ample opportunity to communicate with the attorneys and get regular information on the case status. Grab the golden opportunity to call them up now and fix an appointment for scheduling your free initial consultation and case evaluation.

Sam J. Fogerty is an experienced personal injury attorney Tacoma, Washington who specialized in representing clients in personal injury cases. Visit for more information.
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