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Environmental Laws In Arkansas

06th April 2011
By Chris C Drucker in Law
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The environmental laws in Arkansas are consistent with national environmental laws as well as those passed locally in Arkansas. These laws are assembled and written under what is called the Arkansas code annotated (ACA) in title 8 under the section for environmental law. These laws are the basis on which the Arkansas Department of Environment Quality (ADEQ) operates. The ADEQ regulates and enforces the environment laws adopted by Arkansas in order to maintain or preserve proper ecological balance.
Arkansas environmental regulation
There are over thirty regulations set by the Pollution Control and Ecology Commission in Arkansas and these are the regulations under which the ADEQ operates.
Regulation 1
This is the regulation is put in place to prevent salt water and other oil field wastes pollution brought about by the mining of oil. Oil drilling companies have to be guided by strict, detailed regulations because of the many potential ways in which they can pollute the environment. This regulation is just one of the many geared at oil drilling companies.

Regulation 5
The management of liquid animal waste systems is tackled in this particular regulation. This is a revision of the original law and it gives a more detailed set of rules for how to dispose of liquid animal waste. Animal waste can be a serious health hazard and have often been the culprit of the spread of some diseases affecting humans and other animals.
Regulation 9
Permit fees are properly revised and assigned. It is understandable that in a globalised world, the continuation of development is necessary. The development of industry and commerce does not come about without placing some form of stress on the environment. Thus, the fees are simply a way for the ADEQ to garner more resources to further protect the environment so that it serves the citizens of Arkansas as best as possible.
Regulation 25
This deals specifically with lead-based paint hazards. As was discovered many years ago, lead-based paint or products have severe impact on brain development in children. It is, therefore, understandable that measures exist to get rid of lead-based paint from old homes as well as to prevent its further use and production.

Regulation 33
This is an interesting regulation dealing particularly with motor vehicle racing facility regulations. Permits are issued here for the building and running of these facilities.
Arkansas environmental laws are extensive and cover just about every area relating to the preservation and protection of the environment.
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