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Embroidered Scout Patches, Emblems of Success

07th February 2011
By whitescot in Business Law
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Scout patches are awarded to young people who have worked hard for their success. When the research is done and the task is accomplished, the young scout gets to wear his patches proudly. The embroidered scout patches become the sculpted symbols of a job well done. These patches are custom embroidered from artwork and come in all shapes and sizes.

Merit badges were part of the original scouting organization started in the UK, in 1907. The idea quickly spread to the United States in 1910 and the idea of meriting something through hard work and research became the reason to give awards to diligent young scouts. The patches use artwork that is related to the area of study and discipline mastered by the scout. The patches are collected and sewn on a sash that is worn across one shoulder, when in uniform.

There were originally 14 merit badges, but now there are 126 to be awarded. They have become collectible over the past 100 years and have always been embroidered in various amounts of detail. The cloth is raised by the embroidering process and produces a sculpted feel that will last longer with much better appearance than a simple painted decal. They are not easy to achieve, so the badge is an enduring emblem of the lessons learned in the scouting craft.

Embroidered scout patches are desirable to the collector of scout memorabilia. Over the years, many famous people were first scouts and so their determination was fixed through their early hard work ethic. Some of the merit badges were eliminated or merged with others over the years. Some of the rare badges may be more collectible than others are. It is certain that each of the badges awarded were done so after a display of diligence and hard work.

When someone is awarded a merit badge, it is a time to acknowledge his or her achievement. They should be congratulated for the work ethic they have displayed and honored for their leadership ability. These awards are not for everyone, as is shown by the limited amount of young scouts who work and achieve the level of Eagle Scout.

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