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Easy Tips on How to Fix Warped Doors

31st August 2012
By Nathaniel Hilson in Taxes
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When it comes to maintenance, care, and fixing your doors, a lot of factors can contribute to its over all condition and life span. For example, age and continual use can affect the fit and condition of your door. It can become loose and warped on the surface. Depending on the gravity of the condition, some doors can be fixed while badly warped doors need to be replaced.

Fixing doors do not necessarily require you to unhinge them from their frame. If you are working on a loose hinge or maybe the top of the door, all you need is to place a wedge at the bottom of the door to hold it partially open and start working on it. But for other major repairs, such as sanding and planing, chance s are you will need to remove the door to work more efficiently and properly on it.

Fixing warped doors
As explained earlier, try to examine first the condition of your door and decide if you can work on it yourself or if you may need some skilled carpenter to help you out. When it comes to fixing slightly warped doors, you can easily try to adjust the stop or partially shimming the hinges, or adding another hinge. If you also see a slight bow on the hinge side, you can center a third hinge between the top and bottom ones. This technique often pulls the door back into alignment. If the bow is near the lock side and the door latches only when slammed, first try adjusting the latch. After this, you can then reposition the stop just as you would for a window. Finally, for more accurate adjustments, and if necessary, you can try adjusting the strike plate. The stop and the strike plate work together in aligning the door properly. If the top or bottom of the door does not meet the stop on the lock side, try repositioning the stop and the strike plate.

Other areas you can check in order to fix your warped doors would be the hinges. Shimming the hinges so as to adjust the angle and the door’s swing might just do the trick in fixing your warped door. Also, you should figure out which direction the warp is going, then based on this, place a half shim under each hinge leaf either on the side of the leaf that is closest to the pin or on the opposite side. Usually, the other hinge is shimmed in the opposite way.

If everything else fails, either you can contact your trusted carpenter to fix the problem and ask his recommendation regarding your door. If it is badly warped and unfixable, then a visit to the nearest door dealer is the next one on your to do list.
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