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Dumb and Funny Laws of Georgia - Legal Comedy

12th June 2009
By Daniel Berry in Legal
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One of the great things about living in the United States is the freedom we enjoy. It is necessary, however, to have laws protecting citizens from harm to themselves or their property. Each state has a unique set of laws designed to do just that. Each state also has a few dumb, strange, and just plain funny laws. Georgia is no exception. Georgia has dumb laws relating to nearly every facet of life, and even one to protect your sensibilities after death.

There will be no unregistered raffles. A nonprofit organization that fails to register their raffle with the local sheriff risks $10,000 in fines and five years in jail. You will not win anything without the full knowledge of the sheriff.

For all the donkey owners in Georgia, there is a dumb law for you as well. You may not keep a donkey in your bathtub. Generally speaking, keeping a donkey in the house is not recommended, but definitely not in the bathtub.

You must also be cautious when and where you enjoy frozen treats. Carrying an ice cream cone in your back pocket on Sunday is illegal. On Monday would probably be fine, but why risk it?

Even kids are not immune to the funny laws in Georgia. In Athens-Clark County, children under the age of 16 may not play pinball after 11 pm. There does not seem to be any restriction on board games however.

An additional funny law in Georgia protects you from private lotteries. It illegal to promote a private lottery, but The State of Georgia has its own lottery. Winning things from a private entity in Georgia seems to be risky business.

Another dumb law in Georgia extends to protect a person after death. If a dead body lies in a funeral home or coroner's office, it is illegal to use profanity. If you are offended by profane language, rest assured you will be protected from profane language in death, at least in the funeral home and coroner's office.

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