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Don't pay Toronto traffic tickets if you don't have to

09th November 2011
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Most people already have enough to worry without having to pay Toronto traffic tickets on top of everything else. Most, if not all of us, are good decent drivers, but it is nearly impossible to go through life without getting a ticket in Canada from time to time. For some, getting more than a single ticket in a year is common. These days, fighting a traffic ticket in court has become more and more common place.

The fantasy of every ticketed driver would be to have themselves represented in court by a current or former police officer. That would afford citizen's a better opportunity to have a traffic citation either dismissed, or reduced in gravity. "Gravity," in other words, the amount of the fine, or number of demerit points issued for the event. Judges and magistrates seem to place more weight on the words of former law enforcement officers than your average citizen.

The reality is that our insurance rates are governed by a variety of factors. One of the most important, if not "thee" most important being the number of points we have accumulated on our driving record's. This is at the "top of the list" for insurance companies when assessing risk, and determining policy rates.

"Points" are the issuable constituent of Canada's demerit system. Each violation has a corresponding predetermined number of points assigned to it. Currently, Canada's demerit system offers a list of approximately 30 to 40 "qualifying" violations which may result in point dispensation. The numbers vary from province to province. If you do not pay Toronto traffic tickets, or tickets from any other province, you may find yourself in jail, unless you can find someone to represent you in court. The best policy is to seek legal help in advance of the ticket's summons date.

Once a demerit has been issued it stays on your driving record for 2 years, however, it remains visible to insurance providers for a period of 3 years. If enough demerit/points are accrued, one's license may be suspended. The Demerit system's point structure currently ranges from between 2 to 7 points per violation, depending upon the specific violation. In the case of multiple violations for a given event, points may be compounded by offence.

In some cases providers may refuse to provide coverage because of the number of demerits received, and the specific nature of the violation(s). In other cases, a driver's policy may be canceled. Traffic violations may, or may not show up on employment background checks. However, many fear that a potential employer could possibly use this information, legal or not, to make judgments about our employability, and certainly when driving is part of an employees job description.

So what can a driver do to avoid being the recipient of future demerits? One of the most challenging tasks many people find themselves confronted by is being able to make complete stops at stop signs, or making a complete stop before entering an intersection or crosswalk. That may sound humorous to some, but it is a vexing challenge for many. Without a doubt, making a complete stop at a stop sign can be one of the most challenging things to relearn, especially if it has been many years since you have done so.

It is suggested that you practice at a quiet intersection, or somewhere that practice can be conducted without worry about other drivers. When you practice, approach the stop sign/intersection by braking a a few meters ahead of what you are ordinarily used to, and a bit slower in speed as well. This will set up the "stop" under the right conditions. And, when you do finally make your stop, ensure that you have done so before crossing any lines within the crosswalk or intersection. And, make your "stop," for a period of at least 3 seconds. This will help change your habit, and help you avoid the need to pay Toronto traffic tickets in the future. offers Speeding, Traffic Tickets and Accident Injury in Toronto Ontario. Pay Toronto Traffic Ticket
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