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Don't Dismiss Your Divorce Rights

19th February 2010
By Jon Arnold in Divorce
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At the time in which you said, "I do", you probably believed that your marriage would go on forever. The fact is that, roughly 48 percent of marriages in The US finish in divorce. In addition to being the most demoralizing emotional time in your life, your divorce furthermore has legal and financial ramifications. Even though your first thought might be to remain under the covers far away from the fact of the situation, but your best plan of activity is to acquaint yourself with the laws and regulations of your state so you can secure your divorce rights.

Every state makes its own laws concerning the dissolution of marriage, the division of marital property, and the specific divorce rights of each husband or wife. The state law will determine which one retains the family house and vehicles, child custody and support concerns, and also alimony. According to the majority of state laws, each husband or wife is entitled to 50% of the marital assets but particular situations may entitle a partner to a greater division. Taking proactive actions right now can keep you from feeling swindled and cheated afterwards.

Knowing your divorce rights will help you answer questions such as whether or not you are entitled to a percentage of your spouse's retirement benefits or money in his/her work related 401k proceeds. According to how long you have been married, you might be entitled to up to half of the resources in those accounts. Other divisible marital property may consist of stocks, bonds, investment property, and vacation properties like timeshare ownership. The court will additionally determine financial accountability for any financial obligations incurred during the marriage.

One important matter of divorce is which partner will hold on to custody of any minor children born of the marriage. The majority of states demand judges to consider a number of factors when determining which spouse is going to provide the most stable environment for the child/children. When participating a custody order, the court may grant sole custody to one partner and liberal visitation rights to the other partner. The court may also award joint custody to both spouses with one partner assuming physical custody of the children.

In the course of your divorce, you will discover that time is of the essence when it comes to preserving your divorce rights. Keep a calendar of all scheduled court dates and remember to take important documents including school records for your children, a copy of your mortgage paperwork, and your most current copy of your debts.
Again, you have rights in a divorce and those rights are provided by and protected by law, so don't give up your rights and what you are legally entitled to. For more information about your Divorce Rights as well as finding a wealth of information about how to protect yourself during divorce proceedings, please visit our web site at
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