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Do Your Own 100% Free Background Check That Digs Up Dirt

25th March 2011
By PersonCheck1 in Legal
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The amount of people wanting to do their own 100% free background check has grown during the past decade. While these searches used to be difficult and expensive, now days anyone can conduct a low-cost or even 100% free background check on someone quick and easy. In this article we will discuss the benefits of low cost services and free tools to dig up dirt on employees, renters, neighbors, spouses and other people you come in contact with.

The bare bones truth about 100% free background checks...

Unfortunately, conducting a "free" search on a person isn't quite as easy as typing in "100% free background check" into your favorite search engine. While you will locate services that claim to provide juicy free data, you will soon find out there is always a bill to be paid at the end of the process.

The truth is that if you need a 100% free background check, there isn't a REAL "for profit" company that is going to help you out. You are going to have to become a bit of a detective and do some investigating yourself.

What kind of details can you "find out" on someone conducting your own 100% free background check?

Now that we comprehend that you are on your own during this process, its time to start investigating. While you aren't going to have access to the records the big companies and investigators do, you can use Yahoo, Google, Facebook and really cool "people" search engines to dig up info on an individual.

The 1st way to do this is to Google a person's name using parenthesis around the data so you get exact results. For example, if I want to find out what has been posted online about an person named John Doe I would type "John Doe" into the search engine. You can also increase your chance of a successful search by adding a location like city or state after the name; ie. "John Doe" Nashville, TN.

Doing an accurate Yahoo or Google search like this will let you know if this person has been posting anything online or if others have posted information about them on the Internet. I've discovered many factoids about potential business partners using this strategy and it works great as a first step in the 100% free investigative process.

One important thing to point out about this system is that you should always verify you are actually reading about the person you are looking for. Don't forget that the person in question might share the exact name of thousands of other people.

Things to ponder about 100% free background checks...

While a proper search engine inquiry is only one step in your research process, there are other great strategies you can incorporate to dig up even more information. Before you do this though, you need to decide if you want to spend hours upon hours sifting through data OR just spend a few bucks to have an experienced company get you in-depth data in alot less time. I guess this just depends on why you are doing a search in the first place though.

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