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Divorce Statistics in NYC

19th March 2010
By Vivian Mayer in Divorce
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Most Americans believe that the average divorce rate is close to 50%. This number is calculated by evaluating the number of marriages per 1000 people and checking it to the number of divorces per 1000 persons. For example, in 2003, there were 7.5 marriages and 3.8 divorces for every 1,000 people.

However, there is a significant oversight in this calculation. The people who are divorcing in a certain year were likely not married in that same year. Several studies have found that the numbers are not as high as 50% and most likely never will be.

A more accurate calculation is to compare the actual number of marriages to the total number of divorces. When calculated this way, the divorce rate is nearer to 40%.

According to statistics by the New York State Department of Health, divorce in New York City make up almost 48% of all divorces in the state of New York. This is not surprising since approximately 45% of New York State residents are living in New York City. When comparing New York City to other cities in the United States, New York has a surprisingly low divorce rate.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to divorce. Several of these aspects include age, religion, race, income, occupation, when a couple has children, and whether or not your parents are still married. Many studies have even uncovered that couples who cohabitate prior to marriage have a divorce rate as high as 85%. Also, the highest divorce rate is for couples who have been married between ten and 14 years.

No matter your motives, going through a divorce is a stressful and trying experience. It is highly recommended to consult New York City divorce attorneys to safeguard your rights and property.
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