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Disabled Scott Soreff Fatal Hit & Run Case Conclusion

14th March 2011
By Van Rice in Accident claims
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Scott Soreff's accident attorneys are hoping their finest to get him off the hook. He is a 39 12 months aged man who suffers from a number of difficulties like autism, bi-polar condition, as effectively as pervasive developmental condition. He is a grocery bagger who obtained behind the wheels of his Ford Taurus and mowed down a man, Valentin Macario-Lopez, who was just crossing the street. Scott's lawyers will have to work a miracle to get him off considering this kind of tragedy and accident need to not take place. No sympathy for Scott even with his disabilities.

Drugged & Unfit

His car accident attorney, Rebecca Whitehill, assured the judge that he has not gotten behind the wheels of any motor vehicle soon after the accident and that it is clinically out of the question for him to aid the investigation. When Soreff was asked about the hit and run accident, he confessed to it instantly and allegedly advised his investigators that the other guy must not have been in front of his car. He was, at the time of the accident, taking five unique medicines for his psychological diseases, which include lithium.

A Terrible Circumstances

While the car accident attorney is trying to downplay the accident and blame it all on Soreff's situation, the simple fact is that this is not the first of all time that this has happened. He has been located at fault in 6 other accidents. One particular of these accidents was a mere three months ahead of Macario-Lopez misplaced his existence in the fatal crash with Soreff's motor vehicle. What is even worse is that Soreff mowed the gentleman down and continued on his way household. Whether or not he is convicted, it must have to be made confident that he does not get to the streets again.
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