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Disability Tax Credits for Migraine Patients

11th March 2011
By Emely Porter in Taxes
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Migraine is a severe headache that occurs again and again. It usually occurs as an acute pain on one side of the head and is accompanied by vomiting, nausea and visual problems. Exact causes of this disability are still unknown but it can be due to chemical or hormone imbalances.

Migraine is an acute headache that occurs repeatedly. Usually it affects only one side of the head and is extremely severe in nature. It is usually accompanied by nausea, vomiting and even some sort of visual problems too. It is very much different from normal headache due to its acuteness and extremely painful characteristics along with various after effects. It is capable of making the life very problematic. Migraine patients are constantly afraid of its sudden occurrence. Many a times it is absolutely difficult for a patient to describe what had actually happened during the migraine stroke.

This is a disability of different nature due to its unpredictable nature of sudden occurrence and reoccurrence. The exact causes of this disease still remain unknown. But the researchers and analysts have arrived at a conclusion that it can happen due to some chemical imbalances in the brain or it may happen due to harmonic imbalances. Some experts say it can be genetic too. The exact cause and symptoms vary from patient to patient.

Some patients feel some sort of warning symptoms called aura. Their vision starts getting disturbed and they get a hint that migraine is about to start. Migraines can actually make the life of the sufferers miserable. Patients can have blurred vision. Some may have speech problems and some may lose consciousness. The onset of this disease stresses the patient a lot. Painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicines become a part of patient’s life. The patient has to live with constant and unexpected threats of migraine throughout the life.

There can be many complications which can further develop as a result of migraine, like vascular headache, photophobia and vertigo. It can even lead to eye pain and abdominal pain. To a certain extent, migraines can increase the risk of ischemic strokes although its chances are rare. Migraine can also disturb the mental health of a patient by creating the problems like depression, anxiety and panic disorder. Women experiencing migraines with aura are advised not to use contraceptive pills.

Canadian government has recognized migraine as a disability, thus offers disability benefits to the patients of migraine. The procedure to obtain disability Tax credits is tedious. Hence the Canadian Disability Corporation is offering its services and provides help to the patients to get disability Tax credits through its online application facility. You are required to fill online form and furnish full details and history of your disease along with documentation.

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