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Difference between solicitor and advocate

17th June 2009
By Lakshmi Rekha in Legal
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Have you ever marveled where all these somewhat blurring terms came from? Well the answer is they are all types of Lawyers initiated from various legal systems. Some of the footings are from the British legal system; some are from Scotland and some from the American legal system.

A Solicitor- One that solicits, particularly one that seeks trade or contributions. The chief law officer of a city, town, or government section but does not act as an advocate in court, as opposed to the Attorney who pleads in court (English Law). Find Solicitors will give you an appropriate solution for your solicitor's findings.

Lawyer's types:

The legal system affects nearly every face of our society, from purchasing a home to crossing the street. Lawyers hold positions of great responsibility and are compel to adhere to a strict code of ethics.

The more detailed aspects of a lawyer's job depend upon his or her field of specification and position. Although all lawyers are licensed to represent parties in court, some appear in court more often than others.

Lawyers might specialize in a number of different areas, such as bankruptcy, probate, international, or elder law. Those specializing in environmental law are like, may represent public-interest groups, waste disposal companies, or construction firms in their dealings with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other Federal and State agencies. These lawyers assist clients prepare and file for licenses and applications for approval before certain activities might occur.

Some lawyers concentrate in the developing field of intellectual property, assisting to protect clients' claims to copyrights, artwork under contract, product designs, and computer programs. Still other lawyers advise insurance companies about the lawfulness of insurance transactions, writing insurance policies to adjust with the law and to protect companies from unwarranted claims.

These issues might demands to patents, government regulations, and contracts with other companies, property interests, or collective-dickering agreements with unions.

Other lawyers work for legal-aid societies-private, nonprofit enterprises established to serve disadvantaged to the people. These lawyers generally assist civil, rather than criminal, cases. A respectively small number of trained attorneys work in law schools.

The original life situations have created "specialties" according to business profitability. This is how words like Vioxx Lawyer, DUI Lawyer, Lemon Law Lawyer, Structured Settlements Lawyer and others came about.

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