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Debut Program Rescues NJ First Time Homebuyers

28th April 2011
By Ankit Duggal in Real Estate Law
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Making its debut in time for New Jersey’s home buying season, the White Picket Fence™ Home Buying Institute (WPF™) is providing NJ homebuyers with the Home Customization Card, giving them a rare opportunity to customize rehabbed homes to their liking. Never before heard of, the Home Customization Card is one of the many features that the WPF™ program offers prospective NJ homebuyers.

Clifton, NJ April 20, 2011— Launching just in time for the home buying season, Northern New Jersey’s premier home buying program, the White Picket Fence™ Home Buying Institute, announces the arrival of its Home Customization Card, a prepaid card that pays for the paint, granite, hardwood, and all other items that new homebuyers need to personalize an otherwise impersonal piece of real estate. The card comes at no additional cost to WPF buyers, who also benefit from other innovative, revolutionary, and even educational features that the White Picket Fence™ Home Buying Institute has to offer.

New homeowners— especially those investing in the now-popular foreclosed homes— usually get to breathe just a quick sigh of relief after closing before they have to tackle the next big hurdle: finding the money and making the time to turn a cold house into the home they’re nuts about.“It’s a frustrating thing to be stuck with an ugly old carpet because you can’t splurge on hardwood flooring yet, or to wake up and have to microwave your breakfast because your kitchen isn’t done,” says Ankit Duggal, founder of the White Picket Fence™ Home Buying Institute, of his experience as a first time homebuyer of a foreclosed property. Taking on the project largely because of the discount you get from buying a bank-owned home, Duggal quickly realized that he had his work cut out for him. Dated, not just in style, but in construction, as well, the house demanded much of his time and additional funding to be brought up to par with city requirements, and of course, his aesthetic liking. Today, through determined personal and financial commitment, Ankit has succeeded in making himself a home he loves.

Unfortunately, not all stories end as merrily as Ankit’s. Recognizing the drawbacks of home buying and determined to find a solution to the inconvenience, he created the White Picket Fence™ Home Buying Institute, and along with it, the Home Customization Card, with which NJ homebuyers can access funds they need to customize their house, as well as the labor to get it done. Forget waiting— in the midst of negotiations, soon-to-be homeowners can pick out the paint, the flooring, the granite, the stainless steel appliances, the vanities, etc., and opt to have everything installed before they move in. By the time they get the keys, their new home is live-in ready.

The Home Customization Card is just one of several homebuyer/homeowner-friendly features that the program provides. Apparently, the White Picket Fence™ Home Buying Institute has thought of it all, incorporating a personal savings plan, a closing cost waiver, and an interest rate reducer, to name a few of its many benefits.

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