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Custody Strategies For Women Review-Child Custody For Mothers

13th July 2010
By Sarah Dillon in Family Law
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"Custody Strategies for Women" is a book written by 2 experienced practitioners in the whole area of child custody..from a legal as well as psychological viewpoint.

It is wrongly thought that moms have no real problems when it comes to gaining either sole or joint custody of their children. This is not the case. And this book reinforces the importance of getting a winning child custody strategy in place from the start. If this is not done, for whatever reason, then it is very difficult to change the existing arrangement, particularly if it was put in place by the court at the breakdown of the parents relationship.

It is important for mothers to understand how the system works, how the laws of child custody vary from state to state and how to put their best foot forward when custody evaluation is being carried out.

Equally important is a good lawyer..and this book deals with how to get the best from your lawyer in this difficult situation and how to keep a rein on costs.

"Custody Strategies for Women" also sets out clearly the strategies that you need to employ and which ones to watch for from your former partner. It also equips you with what you need to know for when you have to testify in court and what the judge will be looking out for.

This book is not cheap but with the bonuses and the experience of the authors most mothers would consider it cheap at double the order to maintain a healthy and loving relationship with the child that they gave birth to.

Learn more about child custody for mothers and equip yourself with the knowledge you need to win custody of your child..and to arm you for the potential battle ahead with your former partner.

You can access all the knowledge and tools you need to win custody of your child at and you can learn about child custody laws in the United States and child custody laws in Texas
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