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Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer When You Slip And Fall

27th November 2009
By Nick Messe in Personal Injury
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When customers walk into a business, they expect to have an enjoyable and safe shopping experience. They do not want to have to worry about whether the building they have just walked into is unsafe for shoppers, or whether they need to watch where they're going to ensure they don't trip and fall on unsafe and damaged flooring.

Obviously it is good business to have a safe store. It is good for customers, good for employees, good for suppliers, and good for the owner of the store too. But it is more than that. Ensuring that customers and guests have a safe experience in their business is the legal responsibility of the property owners. There are many different laws in place that ensure that maintaining a safe and secure business property is not something that owners overlook.

In Illinois, the law states that property owners are responsible for keeping the premises safe for customers and for visitors. However, there are still many businesses that do not follow the stipulations of this law and many personal injuries that can befall customers.

There's a long list of ways that people regularly get injured in business establishments. Personal injuries include tripping on unsafe and uneven floors, becoming injured on malfunctioning escalators or in defective elevators, injuries caused by loose and torn carpet and flooring, uncleared build up from snow and ice, vision impairment due to inadequate lighting and several more. These personal injuries can be serious and can happen more often than you think. When they do happen to you, the law states that the property owner is at fault and is responsible for injuries that you have suffered.

But how do you ensure that the property owner accepts responsibility for any injuries and pays the appropriate costs? Usually simply asking for consideration is not enough. Relying on the proprietor's liability insurance is often not satisfactory either. Insurers are notorious for making it difficult to claim compensation for personal injury.

In the Chicago area, hiring a Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer is the first and most successful step to take in ensuring that you receive what is rightfully yours. Some Cook County lawyers are specifically trained in the field of personal injuries and are adept at handling each specific and unique claim. By working with experts in the field of property safety, these professionals will be able to determine whether the property has been neglected and whether or not this negligence has been the cause of harm.

In addition to working with building experts, your lawyer will also work with medical professionals so that any injuries you might have sustained from unsafe property will be adequately treated and assessed. These steps ensure that each aspect of the case is covered which helps maximize success in the court room. The lawyers of Cook County are specially trained in handling cases of this nature and their years of experience and expertise have made them the people you want on your side when dealing with a slip and fall accident.
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