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Construction Project Plan Template

27th May 2011
By martinsejas in Legal
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Each building project requirements to have a construction project plan. In order to make up the strategy for the particular project that the business is about to begin working on it will assist to have a construction project plan template. It's not necessary to create up one from scratch whenever a brand new job is begun as there will be templates that can be effortlessly adapted from job to job. As long as each one is filled in to match the requirements of the job it's a time saving device to say nothing of price saving

There are two ways to look at the use of a construction project plan template. Not filling one in could leave the company open to a fine or prosecution if anything goes wrong yet on the other hand haring a professional to sort out the plan for the job could cost so much that the money being made on the job would be greatly reduced. The template makes sure the company is covered and not out of pocket.

The most sensible thing to do will be to get help to put together a template that will be easy to adapt from job to job. There may be an initial outlay but once you have the basic construction project plan template it can be used again and again. It will be worth the cost of a consultant as there is so much legislation involved with the construction industry that it will be important for all aspects to be covered but in a way that are easy to put into a manual for any job.

It will be perfectly acceptable to for the template to be in the form of a word document meaning it can be sent to any member of staff to alter at any time. There are three main aspects of project management and all three should be combined into the new template. They are quality, safety considerations and environmental impact. Having separate ones will be confusing and could lead to mistakes being made if there is too much to read up on and too many processes in place. There needs to be good working practices but the job does need to get done.

As long as the document is written in a clear and professional way there are only a few other considerations needed. It must fit in with both State and National health and safety requirements and be available to all staff who will be working on the site. Once the construction project plan template has been filled in the scheme can begin.


Ensafe Planning Solutions offers an OHS plan for small and medium sized contractors who do not have the time, money or knowledge to write up their own. It complies with current Australian OHS legislation and can be quickly and easily adapted to non-construction works. You can also download free guidelines to write your own OHS plan from the website.
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