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Company Registration Firms Are In High Demand By Corporate Sector

29th April 2010
By goyalchaman in Business Law
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Company registration firms are always in the high demand by the corporate sector. In India where you will numbers of different companies are getting launched with their different types of products and services need services of company registration firms. Among the different companies CompanyRegistrationIndia offers complete assistance and guidance regarding company registration which makes your company registered through very easy process. Apart from company registration here will also find number of other company law services including company incorporation in India, company trademark registration, public limited company registration, company law in India, STPI registration, NBFC registration in India, corporate & commercial law, new IPO listing, income tax consultant and merger & acquisitions in India.

In India non profit charitable organizations can be registered as societies, or a private limited non profit company or trusts under section 25 companies act. There are many attributes connected with non-profit organizations in India like it can be exist separately of the state and they can be self-governed by a board of trustees or by the managing committee of the governing council. NGO in India is famous for producing benefits for others, usually for those who are not a member of an organization. Besides these, NGO is called by 'non-profit-making' that prohibited them from distributing a monetary residual to their own members. Section 2(15) of the Income Tax Act defines some rules that regulated specially for charitable purpose that comprises medical relief, education or for another purpose that sated for advancement of general public utility. Purpose behind the NGO is very important whether it is for public or private. NGO rules have to see whether the class to be benefited or net before granting NGO registration in India.

Bedsides NGO, Limited Liability Partnership is one of the famous and incorporated business organizations of India that comprises various features of a partnership firm and a limited company. LLP agreement defines the management of LLP where as its partners have the freedom to regulate LLP's affairs. In India for LLP registration, minimum two persons are needed and there is no restriction on the number of maximum members. Limited Liability to partners, less tax as compared to company, separate legal entity, no requirement of minimum capital contribution, perpetual existence irrespective of changes in partners, no restrictions as to maximum number of partners and simple process of registration are some of the benefits of llp registration over other types of organizations in India.

Company registration Firms provides many law services in India like company registration, STPI registration, NBFC registration, llp registration, trademark registration and ngo registration in india many more.
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