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09th March 2011
By Scorbs in Medical Malpractice
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A Cherokee medical scrub is one of the leading scrubs manufacturers. Cherokee makes scrubs for both men and women with styles for nurses, doctors, and all other medical professionals. Cherokee's slogan is “Inspired Comfort”, which sounds ideal for nurses and doctors while they work their extremely long shifts at work.

Since Cherokee medical scrubs features many different collections, they appeal to all medical professionals no matter what they are looking for. Cherokee Workwear is the line of basic work scrubs. These unisex scrubs are meant to be simple, yet extremely dependable and durable. These solid colored scrubs come in thirty different colors, nine styles of tops, eight styles of pants, and four styles of warm up jackets.

Scrubs H.Q. is line of Cherokee medical scrubs that is very similar to Cherokee Workwear, but rather than unisex solids, this collection is prints for women. The H.Q. stands for High Quality, so they are also meant to be extremely durable.

Cherokee's line of great fashionable scrubs is Cherokee Scrub Uniforms. These scrubs are meant to be much more fashion forward than average scrubs. They are geared towards younger nurses and other medical professionals who are looking for a more flattering shape to their scrubs than the usual unisex boxy look most scrubs have.

Going along with the Cherokee Studio collection is the Studio B collection, which takes the youthful look even a step further. This Cherokee medical scrubs collection features form-fitting pants and tops that look like blouses you could find in hip juniors' stores in the mall.

Med Man is the Cherokee Scrub Uniforms line just for male medical professionals. This collection offers both scrubs and lab coats. These scrubs being just for men make it a pretty unique line, since most other scrubs for men are actually unisex.

Tooniforms is the Cherokee medical scrubs line of printed scrubs featuring cartoon characters. This is geared more towards those working in pediatric offices, or just people who want to bring a little cheer into a somber work place with fun cartoon characters. Tooniforms has designs from almost twenty different cartoons, including Scooby Doo, Spongebob Squarepants, and Curious George.

Team Scrubs is a unisex scrubs line, but is created with men in mind considering these scrubs feature the logos of over fifty different teams from the MLB, NBA, and NFL. These Cherokee medical scrubs are great for any sports fan. No matter what you are looking for, Cherokee medical scrubs will have something for you.

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