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Car Tax Rates

20th April 2010
By Mike in Taxes
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Every car owner has the burden of having to pay taxes for all the cars they own. This is very heavy especially for the lower class people or those who had been laid off from their jobs. Most people think of car taxes as nothing but trouble for them, but they can't do anything about this. However, as a car owner, you should just look at the brighter side of things.

Car tax rates differ according to the amount of carbon dioxide emission your car has. This means that the lower CO2 emission, the lower taxes and vice versa. This is beneficial to the environment since people would rather buy fuel-efficient cars to enjoy this privilege. But how do the taxes apply for the different cars?

All the cars are divided into various categories or bands, depending on the amount of CO2 emitted. They will use CO2 as the demarcation criterion. The first type of car band is "type A," with type B and type C following and so forth. The first and lowest band includes cars which emit CO2 at 100g/km or lower. Type B emits CO2 at 101-120g/km while type C falls in the range of 121-150g/km. The list goes on. These data are true in the UK

Old cars won't really be affected by this new law, which was only applied last March 13, 2008. Only the cars registered after March 2001 has to carry this burden. Before that time frame, car owners don't have to pay the high taxes even if their cars pollute the environment worse than the newer kinds. This leads to some protests for new car owners, because they think it's very unfair. As of now, they can't do anything about it and they'll just have to live with greener cars.

The downside of the car tax rates is the trouble it'll cause to average or lower income people. Not only do they have to maintain their car at a quality level, they also have to pay these taxes. Hopefully, all of us will just learn to see the benefits the car tax rates have.

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