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Car Rental Mini Guide at Ibiza Airport Spain

23rd May 2011
By rekhar0011 in Business Law
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The Ibiza Airport with its wide facilities

Ibiza Airport is considered the most populated airport with more than four million passengers using the Airport every year and about 10% of the locals working in it. It is in close proximities of all the famous holiday resorts at the capital with not more than seven and a half miles. The airport shelters huge shopping facility starting cosmetics to apparels to various accessories, electronic goods and gift items. The local conveyance in the area is not cheap considering the huge inflow of tourists every year. The taxi charges are quite expensive. Considering this the best options is the Spain Car Hire services which guarantee reasonable and competitive prices.

Price compatibility

Hire a car Ibiza Airport is a facility taken by many tourists down the years for the basic reason of it being cheaper mode of travelling within the islands. The fares of the car hiring services are much competitive. There are options of checking in the websites for other company price quotes to make a smart deal. There are various times of the year when these rental companies issue offers and discounts which usually pull down the prices even more. There are also offers issued from prior booking with which a 10% -20% discount t is assured.

Easy and Friendly Customer service

Many Spain Car Hire companies have award winning customer service desk which are always there to help. There are online supports, 24/7 toll free number help desk and fax and email supports which help the travelers contact the agency at any time. There are trained staffs who can guide on difficult issues and queries to get a smooth service. The hospitality of the agencies is worth mentioning at any stage

Car Rental companies In Ibiza

The major car rental companies operating at Hire a car Ibiza Airport are Avis, , Betacar, Auriga Crown ,Hertz, Tui and Centauro. The booking process is much easy with few documentation and legal formalities. The booking for Hire a Car Ibiza Airport can be done over the websites of the rental services choosing from the wide range of cars from each company and doing their charges comparison to crack a suitable deal.

Charges covered by the Rental companies.

Many times the final prices from the rental companies differ from that prices quoted. This is mainly for f the basic reason of hidden charges or charges which were not checked at the time of booking. That is why it is very important to read the terms and conditions booklet with detail information on what charges the rate quoted covered and what needs to be paid more. The basic charges include cancellation and amendments, insurance, delivary and collections, taxes, night time deliveries, road assistance and car theft protection. What it doesnot cover mainly are fuel charges, traffic fines, car key lost, flat tyres and others.

The car rental services are the cheapest and convenient ways of enjoying the sparkling nightlife of Ibiza.
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