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Can Divorce be a Positive?

03rd November 2010
By amnorge in Divorce
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We generally get a negative picture of divorce. We hear stories of broken families and broken hearts, of children devastated by the break up the parents, and of financial woe in the years following. Many people find divorce and its aftermath difficult but is this negative image always the reality, or can divorce is some cases be a positive solution?

Impact on Children

The negative impact of a divorce on children is often focussed upon, but this is not always accurate. Some are not affected as badly as others, and much of its effect on children depends on how parents deal with the situation. If they are constantly arguing with each other, especially in front of the children, and bad mouthing each other to their children, this is going to have a negative impact. If this can be avoided and children can see that both of their parents care for them and will continue to have a positive relationship with them then it can be made much easier. Another question that should be asked is, is an unhappy household good for children? The answer to this is no. Therefore in the long run divorce can be much easier on children than if their parents stay together if unhappy. The children (and parents) living environment will be a more pleasant place.


No-one would argue that an abusive relationship is a good thing. Therefore in a marriage where abuse takes place it should be considered a positive should the couple divorce. This is even more the case for those couples with children. If they are being abused then the reasons are obvious, but even if not, seeing it take place will upset them and could influence them into believing such behaviour is acceptable.

Womenís Rights

The rights of women have changed significantly for the better over the last century. There was a times when women were thought much inferior to men, something that most would argue is no longer the case. In the past women would often accept a situation within a marriage for what is was, even if it made them unhappy. Men would usually call the shots with women accepting things his way. Nowadays women will generally not accept this and if divorce is best for them, this is an option they will take.

General Happiness

People get married because they believe they will be happy. If things donít turn out as they would like they will look to end the marriage. There is no point in remaining in an unhappy marriage. If someone is no longer happy in a marriage then a divorce seems sensible.

Laws these days make divorce easier and it is more socially acceptable, meaning those who are no longer happy in their marriage no longer have to remain in it. Some believe that divorce is too easy, but if someone is unhappy then is this not a positive thing? The divorce rate has increased over the last fifty years, something that is generally considered a bad thing, but in certain situations it can also be for the best. Being happily married is seen as a positive, as it should be, but it is better to be happily divorced than unhappily married.

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