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Beating a speeding ticket

25th January 2006
By Brad Cra in Legal
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Have you ever got a speeding ticket that you didn't feel you deserved? I know that the majority of people who receive speeding tickets feel that they do not deserve it, but more often than the average person would suspect, they do not deserve. And, I would like to give you some suggestions on beating a speeding ticket

You may have seen similar advice to this on websites such as

The next time you pass a "speed trap" pay attention to how it is set up. Quite often the Police use a two or thee man system.

The first officer will be operating the radar equipment. His responsibility is to record the speed of oncoming vehicles and accurately identify the vehicle that he has recorded the speed for. He then conveys by radio information to his partner or partners so that they can identify and pull over the correct offending vehicle.

Does that sound simple?

Not so simple or easy! Trust me! This type of speed trap is not used on a regular basis but most often as part of a "blitz". The Police department will use a blitz like this on very busy highways or expressways where it would normally be very difficult to catch speeders. It still provides them with very little time to complete the necessary steps to catch and ticket offending drivers.

First of all, the officer operating the radar has to make very quick judgments and decisions and this is quite often how you can get out of a speeding ticket. The officer has to record the speed and quickly identify the vehicle by color or model and pass that onto the second officer who is down the road ready to pull you over.

The first mistake that the radar officer can make is that he might match the speed he recorded to the wrong vehicle. This can easily happen on multiple lane highways. The offending driver catches sight of the radar and quickly ducks behind vehicles in the inside lanes. That can often leave an unsuspecting motorist to be the wrongly accused traffic offender.

Advice that will help you beating a speeding ticket

Make note of the name of the officer who has pulled you over and is writing the ticket.

Ask to see the radar reading.

Tell the officer that you know how fast you were going and that they must have stopped the wrong vehicle.

Always plead not guilty and go to court.

Your Day in Court

When you arrive in court your name will be called and you will be asked if you are representing yourself or if you have representation.

You then will be asked if you are looking for a reduction in the fine or a reduction in demerit points.

You then tell them that you are disputing the charge and that you believe that the officers on the scene made a mistake.

You then will be allowed to speak to one of the officers that were on the scene.

Because you recorded the name of the ticket writing officer you will know if you are talking to him or the officer whom was operating the radar.

Because the accuracy of this system is very poor it will not take much to convince the officer that they did in fact stop the wrong vehicle and most often will use some other excuse for having the case thrown out.

The most common reason they use is that one of the officers is not present. This is an easy way for them to let you off without admitting that a mistake was made.

If i could give you one bit of advice on beating a speeding ticket it would be to plead not guilty at all times and take your chances. You will find other suggestions and tips on traffic tickets at websites such as

Perhaps if more people knew beating a speeding ticket our courts would not be so crowded. If you are not comfortable with representing yourself in court you can find advice on that at as well as what to look for in a Representative.

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