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Bankruptcy Difficult Without A Lawyer

24th November 2010
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The first set of California state bankruptcy exemptions includes homestead, personal property, insurance, public benefits, wages, and tools of trade. The second set of California state bankruptcy exemptions includes many similar exemptions, except that there are not exemptions for wages and there is a wild card for $925 of any of your personal property. Federal supplementary bankruptcy exemptions include retirement benefits, survivor's benefits, death and disability benefits, and miscellaneous bankruptcy exemptions.

You will not use all of the bankruptcy exemptions that are available to you. Which ones you will use depend upon the particulars of your bankruptcy case. Your Stockton bankruptcy lawyer will know best.

While you are not legally required in any way to hire legal help with your bankruptcy case, it is in your best interests. Without legal training, education, and experience, you would have a difficult time understanding the various bankruptcy exemptions.

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