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Authorization to Return to Canada

12th September 2011
By fwcanada in Legal
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If you have been issued an exclusion or deportation order, you will not necessarily be prevented from re-entering Canada at a later date. Individuals that have had a removal order issued against them will likely require an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) in order to gain re-entry to Canada.

Under Canadian immigration law there are three types of removal orders than can be issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada or the Canada Border Services Agency. Each different removal order has different conditions and different requirements for any potential return to Canada.

Departure Order

• Departure orders generally arise as a result of minor non-compliance with Canadian immigration laws.
• A departure order will usually require you to leave in 30 days; your departure will be verified with a Canadian immigration officer when you exit Canada.
• If the individual does not voluntarily exit within the 30 day timeframe the departure order will automatically become a deportation order.

• Generally an ARC will not be required; an individual will be allowed to return to Canada pending a routine examination at the border.

Exclusion Order

• Exclusion orders are the result of more serious violations of Canadian immigration law.
• Will generally be issued for a 1 year period, or 2 years for misrepresentation.
• To enter Canada, the prescribed period of inadmissibility must have passed and the individual must have a certificate of departure.
• If the individual wants to return to Canada before the prescribed period is over, or does not have a certificate of departure, an ARC will be required.

Deportation Order

• Will be ordered in situations of serious criminality, security threats, and even in cases of serious misrepresentation.
• If an individual has had a deportation order issued against him/her, an ARC will always be required.

In assessing an application the Canadian government will look at the reasons for the initial removal order, the likelihood of the individual repeating the conduct that caused the removal order to be issued previously, how much time has passed since the removal order was issued, and the reason for entering Canada.

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