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Australians Fear Negative Effect Of Immigration

23rd June 2010
By Beau Cole in Immigration Law
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When it comes to Australia, migration seekers often think of the place as one vast area where they can easily move into. However, some experts say that while the country is indeed big (it is one continent after all), it can, in fact, carry only so many people. And it seems that Australians themselves are saying that there is no more room left in the country.

This would seem to be the case if one looks into the latest survey conducted to get Australians' opinions on various immigration issues. According to the survey conducted by AustraliaScan, an independent survey firm, a large percentage of the 2000 people they surveyed actually agreed that its about time to limit migration into the country. The firm noted that the response was almost as high as the anti-immigration sentiments of the late 90's

However, experts said that these new anti immigration sentiments are actually far different from those sentiments in the past. One thing of note is that the earlier sentiments were mainly characterized by racist tones mainly fanned by the popularity of radical politician Pauline Hanson. On the other hand, experts say that, far from those radical perceptions, the current attitude of Australians with regards to migration definitely has a basis

So, are Australians correct in thinking that there is no more room left for people who want to move into the country? To answer that, it would be a good idea to look into the reasons put forward by those who have responded to the question. One of these is that there are only so much to support the country's population sustainably.

The truth of the matter is, while the country is indeed very large, it only has a limited amount of resources. As the country's population grows larger, these resources in turn get used much quicker. And with the rate at which Australia's population is growing (immigration being one of the leading causes of the increase), it is likely that these resources will get used up much sooner than expected.

And it still doesn't end there. Another threat that a growing population brings forth is pollution. Australians fear that with the increase in people in the country, pollution will also go up much faster. This will be detrimental, not only to the population's health but also to the fragile environment of the continent as well. This will also hasten the land into becoming unlivable.

Another thing that many Australians are considering with regards to the matter of limiting immigration numbers is security. As it turns out, global terrorism is still much of a threat that the country needs to deal with. And along with this, there are still other threats that needs to be dealt with, such as international crime. Thus, many people see immigration cuts as a way in combating these.

Despite these valid points, it is unlikely that the immigration question will be settled soon, what with all the other things that needs to be considered. And for the meantime, Australians cross their fingers and hope that the country can still support its people a little bit longer.

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