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Ask Questions to Your Bankruptcy Lawyer

06th May 2010
By johny blaze in Bankruptcy Law
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Atlanta has been one of the hardest hit states during this depression. Unemployment rates are increasing, bankruptcies are

sky rocketing, and morale is falling. With the increase in bankruptcy filings, a larger niche for bankruptcy lawyers has

opened up and lawyers have rushed in to fill it. Some of these lawyers were previously specializing in other branches of law

and may not be best suited to serve as your bankruptcy attorney. Unfortunately there have even been reported cases of new

bankruptcy lawyers taking advantage of desperate families to make a quick buck then doing little or nothing to help their


After you have decided to file for bankruptcy and begin searching for an Atlanta bankruptcy attorney, keep the following

questions in mind. Most bankruptcy lawyers will offer a free initial consultation with no obligation. Take advantage of this

free initial consultation to get to know the lawyer and decide if you feel comfortable with him/her. Then to help get a

better idea if this is the lawyer you want handling your case, consider asking some or all of the following questions.

1. Do I have any other options?

If you are prepared for your meeting you should have a list of all your debt, both secured and unsecured, and a list of your

creditors. Given this information, your attorney will be able to discuss with you which chapter may be best to file under, or

if there are possibly other options. This question will allow you to evaluate the attorney's knowledge and skill.

2. How long have you been a bankruptcy lawyer?

This question will let you know whether the lawyer has been practicing specifically bankruptcy law or handles other types of

cases as well. Just like you would rather have a dentist work on your teeth than a chiropractor, you want an attorney that

specializes in bankruptcy law. There have been revisions in the bankruptcy code and you need to make sure that your attorney

is up to date with the changes.

3. How much do you charge?

Now this is an important question, but should not be the deciding factor. You get what you pay for. Hiring a quality lawyer

that knows the ins and outs of bankruptcy law will be of much more value to you. It is better to go with the more expensive

lawyer than to hire a low quality attorney that forgets to file something or doesn't know everything about exemption laws and

loses you property. Most lawyers allow payment plans and don't require full upfront payment. Be wary of those that do charge

all up front.
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