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Application for US citizenship should include Form N-300?

06th November 2012
By Nancy in Law
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To become a citizen of US a permanent resident should apply for a Declaration of Intention. In some states if you wish to engage in certain type of livelihood or profession or to obtain licenses of certain types this is required but it’s not needed for naturalization. Any green card holder who is filing the Form N-300, Application to File Declaration of Intention should be in US and also above the age of 18 years.

To carry out business in some states, a Declaration of Intention is required for a new US citizen in that state. So to become a U.S. citizen and are a business person or entrepreneur you may need to submit an application for a Declaration of Intention, if you live in such a state. This is not mandatory to become a US citizen and you do not need this in every state. At the USCIS office with jurisdiction over the applicant's place of residence this form must be filed.

Support documents for Form N-300

Along with a copy of your Form I-551, permanent resident card the completed 3- page application to File Declaration of Intention should be filed when submitting Application for US citizenship . Also two identical color photographs taken 30 days before filing application should be submitted along. Taken in white or off white background photos should be printed on glossy finish thin paper which are un-retouched and un-mounted. Size of the passport-style photos should be 2”x2” and the frontal view of applicant’s full face. Digital photos must have been taken using a camera with at least 3.5 mega pixel resolution. Using a felt pen or pencil on the back of the photos name and alien registration number should be printed.

Where and how to file application?

Along with the support documents the completely filled Form N-300 should be mailed to the following address of USCIS lockbox facility if required when you file N400 application for naturalization :

PO Box 650809
Dallas, Texas. 75265

Use the following address for couriers or express mails:

Attn: Form N-300
2501 S. State Hwy 121 business
Suite 400
Lewisville, TX 75067

Fling fee and processing information

When filing Form N-300 it should be accompanied with filing fee $250 as check or money order on a US bank or financial institution and payable in US currency. It should be payable to US Department of Homeland Security, not using initials like USDHS or DHS. Make sure the application is signed and correct fee is sent along else it could be rejected. Also if biometrics service fee is supposed to be paid it should be also accompanied. After USCIS accepts the application once completeness of the form is checked along with evidences submitted, if you are eligible for the requested benefit the application will be accepted. In writing the decision on application will be sent to applicant.

Important points to remember

In case any address change USCIS should be kept informed by updating it online or at 1-800-375-5283 you can contact National Customer Service center. If USCIS rejects application because of missing pages or incomplete information, initial evidences required are not included the form and fee will be returned and reason for rejection will be informed. Re-filing the form is permitted after rectifying the deficiency and cannot be considered complete until USCIS accepts it. Checks sent will be converted to electronic funds transfer (EFT) and so debited from your account within 24 hours, hence make sure sufficient balance is available.
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