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Antiperspirants and some diet tips to keep excessive sweating at bay

08th October 2012
By Matthew Finkle in Business Law
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There maybe so many medical conditions worse than hyperhidrosis, yet excessive sweating is nothing to be taken as an easy one. Many sufferers would say that excessive sweating ruins even the best of their chances.

Excessive sweating is pretty much a self-explanatory condition – a person whose body exceeds sweating more than the body actually requires or calls for it. That is, sweating heavily for no real valid reasons as in suffering from wet and clammy hands and soles and underarms and back which sweat and perspire relentlessly despite being in an air-conditioned room.

The condition can be disgusting as it deprives a person of his/her self-esteem. Excessive sweating can make an otherwise confident person to be self-conscious and so such people stray away from their respective social circles and confine to selves.

People suffering from excessive sweating do not have to live a life like that. There are antiperspirants which can be a good solution to keep them back into their normal social circles.

This article will tell about some diet tips to keep the problem at bay. A person’s eating and drinking habits could trigger excessive sweating, so reduction in the consumption of such foods that encourage sweating can keep sweating away.

List of foods that are strict no-no if you should suffer from excessive sweating:

Garlic – It could be saddening to all those that crave and drool for garlic-based Italian cuisine. But you don’t want to explode with sweat for the sake of garlic, do you? Garlic has sulfur bio-compounds that are metabolized by liver into allyl methyl sulfide which further can’t be broken down so it is let off into the blood stream, to the lungs and to the skin which results in body odor. So it is recommended to refrain from garlic foods if you are sweating excessively. Onions too have similar result but on a low scale and not as worse as garlic.

All caffeine-based foods should be avoided which include but not limited to coffee, chocolates, cola, energy drinks, and so on. Since caffeine is known as stimulant, it raises the blood pressure thus increasing blood circulation. Increased blood circulation stimulates other organs to over work and when other vital organs work in excess it will result in excessive sweating.

Avoid diets that are spicy. Usually the ones spiced up with chilly, pepper, cloves, which act much the same way as caffeine does.

Alcohol is another big No-No. For it’s a dehydrating agent. This is also the simple reason why you hit the restroom to relieve bladder when you are on a binge.

All said if you find yourself still profusely sweating you need to take a strong antiperspirant that can guarantee you prevent you from sweating during office days and hanging out with friends.

SweatStop® offers a wide range of strong antiperspirant products for individual needs.

The major difference between an anti-perspirant and a deodorant is that a deodorant is basically a product which leaves a pleasant smell on the skin and to cover the body odor. An antiperspirant however works effectively to prevent from perspiration and therefore from an unpleasant body odour. If you are interested in this topin and want to learn more about it and the SweatStop® antiperspirants please check our website
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