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A United States Visa- Process for Acquiring One

26th November 2010
By Jeff Mckee in Immigration Law
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Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is required by the vistors to travel in India, apart from people of nearby Nepal and Bhutan. If you are coming from a different nations , your Indian visa must be acquired ahead of coming to India. The details as to what you require to know to make your request for an Indian Visa are as follows-

Type of Visa Required for India

The tourists traveling in India for less than 72 hours can acquire a Tourist Visa, or else an Indian visitor Visa is compulsory.

Tourist visas are normally issued for six months, depending on what country you are from. Some nations offer visas for short period like 3 months, and also long periods like one year. The majority of the visas are numerous entry visas.
The visas from countries like United States are available for even ten years. The five year visas are accessible for citizens from approximately 18 countries. These nations are Germany, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland, Spain, Norway, New Zealand, Iceland, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, South Korea, Mexico, Chile and Vietnam.

No matter which visa you have but you are not permitted to stay on Indian soil for more than six months at a stretch. Additional types of visas that are accessible for travelers to India comprises of trade Visas, service Visas, exploring Visas, and learner or student Visas.

Cost of Indian Tourist Visa
The price of a B-2 Tourist Visa to India fluctuates for different nations as per the relations between the governments of those countries. For a 6 month Tourist Visa minimum amount of money that has to be paid is about $70 in the US, approximately 30 pounds in the Uk, and nearly $90 in the country like Australia.

Few countries, like Japan, Argentina, South Africa, Jamaica, and Mongolia do have extraordinary accord with our country that give consent to their people to pay considerably a smaller amount for a visa.
Procedure for Applying an Indian Visa
The Embassy in India has commenced the outsourcing of the application processing of Indian visa to some private dealing organizations in numerous nations to make the process simpler and more well-organized.

You can submit the application for an Indian Visa either in the Indian Embassy in your nation, or fill an application form on the net. With the application form of the visa you will also be required to make available your passport that is legitimate for at least six months .In some of the countries, residential verification is also needed to get the Visa.

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