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A Quick Info about Dual Citizenship!

11th July 2009
By Ajay Sharma in Immigration Law
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Dual citizenship simply means that you are a citizen of two countries. It allows you to retain your current nationality while becoming the citizen of another country where you are immigrating to, with sheer ease.

Various countries including China and Denmark have restrictions when it comes to allowing Dual citizenship. Some countries consider this concept of Dual Citizenship undesirable. That is why; a majority of them have taken ample measures and made certain rules to prevent it.

Every country has its own set of requirements for citizenship. In addition, multiple countries follow different set of rules and regulations when it comes to offering Immigration and Dual Citizenship. These laws sometimes create situations where a person is bound to hold more than one nationality at times.

Moreover, some countries find the concept of Dual Citizenship extremely rewarding as it enhances the opportunities for their own native citizens to compete with a wide range of people and build contacts at an international level. They find a great possibility in building global presence via the concept of ‘Dual Citizenship.'

Here are some generalized advantages that are arrayed with ‘Dual Citizenship':

* The applicant gets the benefit of feeling connected with the native country.
* People who have Dual Citizenships have two passports. At the same time, they have the flexibility to reside and travel to the relevant countries in accordance with their needs and preference level.
* Employment opportunities: The other countries are decked with plenty of advantages when it comes to availing a diverse range of job opportunities.
* Other advantages include entitlement to social programs like pensions etc.
* Dual Citizens broadens a country's economic base.
* The applicant gets the benefit of unrestricted residency and property ownership also.
* A Dual Citizenship holder can avail practical advantages like society-security, freedom of speech, freedom to express thoughts, amongst others.

In order to avail a dual citizenship, you are required to pay a certain amount of recurring fee to maintain your status. The best part is that the applicant can obtain Dual Citizenship at any time of his life. In addition, there are several major factors that need to be considered while applying for the Dual Citizenship.

In case, you are attired with any kind of confusion regarding dual citizen and other immigration and visa related matters, it is always advised that one should avail the benefits of an ace immigration visa firm.

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Ajay Sharma is an immigration expert who provides his valuable advice to people seeking immigration in countries like Canada, Denmark, USA, Australia and many others. With years of experience under his belt, he is the principal immigration consultant of, which is in business since 1994.
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