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A few general facts about claims

22nd June 2011
By anton in Personal Injury
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There are various different varieties of personal injury. Personal injuries can be in the form of a fall in the supermarket to a trip in the street to an accident in the workplace. A lot of people out there are a bit in the dark with regards to what a personal accident is and if they can claim for an injury that they have received in the past viable to claim for an accident that was sustained in the past. Almost any form of injury that you have sustained is classed as a personal injury, the scope can vary from small cuts and bruises to life changing injuries such as the loss of an arm or a leg for an example. You can claim for injuries that have happened in the past but as a guideline only in the last three years. For more details on time periods that you can claim for it is advisable to phone a specialist personal injury lawyer.

The places that these accidents take place can be quite dissimilar, an accident can happen when you least expect it, it could be while you are in the office, or commuting to work in the morning or even in the road. Injuries can also be caused by faulty goods and equipment. For an example if you where to buy a step ladder and used the step ladder as instructed and the unit failed and you were to have a fall through a manufacturing or design defect the injuries that you receive because of the fall are down to the defective ladder are classed as a personal injury.

Other types of personal injury can include road traffic accidents either as a pedestrian, passenger or a driver. Road traffic accident claims are very common place in Britain nowadays because of the very high amount of road traffic accidents on Britain’s roads and highways. Whiplash claims are probably one of the most prevalent and well known in this family of claims, but the diversity of claims relating to road traffic accident is huge and can range from minor injuries and trauma to server injuries and disabilities. The amount of compensation may vary depending on the actual severity of the injuries that a person receives, but as a general ball park figure a whiplash claim is normally in the range of between £1000/ £2000 deepening on the circumstances of the accident that caused the injuries.Personal injury cases can embody a wide range of circumstances, and personal injury compensation can be claimed for any harm, health problem or distress that you have endured as a result of negligence or malpractice by any company or person. Personnel traumas can take place anytime and anywhere, if you feel that you have sustained an injury that was no fault of your own then contact a personal injury solicitor in your area for more advice on your claim. She or he will be able to advise you in more detail if you have a valid claim for compensation for the injuries that you have suffered through the negligent acts of another party…

Thank you for taking the time out to read this article. This post was put together by Anton Allen, if you would like more facts on no win no fee compensation claims please feel free to visit our site for more of an insight in to the legal procedure encompassing this form of compensation claim. Or visit our no win no fee blog site to read the latest articles posted.
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