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5 Reasons You Need to Hire a Tax Attorney

14th December 2009
By Moe Tamani in Taxes
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This probably won't come as any great shock, but it's never a good idea to go into an IRS office by yourself if you discover that you are being audited or that the IRS is looking upon you with suspicion. In such a case, you're always better off taking a tax attorney with you. And while hiring a tax attorney may seem like a financial burden, it's a burden that you need to shoulder. The cost of using a tax attorney is far less than the potential cost of not using one if you end up having to pay dearly as a result of an audit.

Here are five reasons you need to hire a tax attorney:

1. The main reason to hire a tax attorney is peace of mind. There are few things in life more frightening than finding out that you are the target of an IRS audit, but hiring a tax attorney can keep you from being completely overwhelmed and filled with dread. You should never attempt to represent yourself in such a situation as tax law is a complex field and should be left to a seasoned professional.

2. A good tax attorney has lots of experience dealing with the IRS and knows how negotiate with them. They know all about tax liens, levies, and tax debts, and can ensure that you end up with as little tax debt as possible.

3. There exist two different kinds of tax attorneys. The first kind is a personal attorney. A personal attorney can help you if you are personally audited by the IRS. And, as the name suggests, a corporate attorney will assist you if your business is audited by the IRS. Be sure to hire an attorney that can help you with your specific needs. Hiring a personal attorney to help with a business audit may provide some benefit, but you won't get the expertise from a personal attorney that you would get from a business attorney. But whether you need a personal attorney or a corporate attorney, an experienced IRS attorney will make sure that you avoid the maximum penalties that the IRS can issue to you.

4. The auditor is not your friend. No matter how friendly and helpful he or she may seem, the job of the auditor is to get as much money out of you as possible while still following the law. The job of the IRS attorney, as much as possible, is to keep the auditor out of your money. Stand back and let them do their respective jobs. You'll sleep much better at night.

5. Seasoned tax attorneys know tax law inside and out. They know the loopholes, they understand the legalese, and they know how to negotiate. Don't be tempted by the prospect of quickly studying tax law. You'll never be as effective in your own defense as a tax attorney will be.

While it's true that hiring a tax attorney can be an expensive endeavor, in the end, you can't afford not to hire one. Given the amount of money that you can save by using the services of an experienced attorney, and given the peace of mind that comes with knowing that a professional is looking out for your best interests, the price of a tax attorney is well worth it. When you have a tax attorney on your side the first time you walk into the office of the auditor, you'll realize just how much you've saved in anxiety and, if all goes as it should, penalties. So get recommendations from friends and families and hire a reputable local tax attorney. You'll sleep better!

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