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2009 California Mobile Home Laws

08th January 2010
By jdevans789 in Real Estate Law
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California Manufactured Homes are a great low cost alternative to traditional housing. While many aspects of mobile homes and mobile homes are similar to traditional stick built homes, there are still many differences between these different types of housing, both physically and legally. Starting January 1, 2009, the following new laws went into effect specifically for mobile homes and mobile homes.

The new Regulation SB 1234 concerning manufactured home privacy in California became effective January 1, 2009. From Senate Bill No. 1234 "This law prohibits the owners or management of a manufactured home park from entering an enclosed accessory structure to a manufactured home without the prior written consent of the resident, except in case of emergency or when the resident has derelict the manufactured home or accessory structure. "

Amended Civil Code Section 798.26, Regulation AB 2050, concerning Mobile Home Smoke Detectors & Water Heater Bracing in Mobile homes, also became effective January 1, 2009.

Smoke Detectors: This law requires all used manufactured homes, used manufactured homes, and derived multifamily manufactured homes that are sold to have a smoke disturb installed in each room made for sleeping that is operable on the duration of transfer of title. The seller must sign a formal regarding the presence of working smoke alarms in these specified homes within 45 days prior to the dislodge of title. The law also shields real estate licensees from liability for errors, inaccuracies, or omissions relating to the disclosures required to be made by a transferor pursuant to this bill."

Water Heater Strapping: The law also requires all fuel-gas-burning drool heater appliances installed in new manufactured homes or new multifamily manufactured homes be seismically braced, anchored, or strapped and such work be completed before or directly the time of installation of the homes. In addition, any replacement fuel-gas-burning water heater appliances in existing manufactured homes, existing manufactured homes, or existing multifamily manufactured homes that are offered for sale, rent, or lease are required to be seismically braced, anchored, or strapped.

All derived manufactured homes, derived mobile homes, and derived multifamily manufactured homes in California that are sold must, on or before the date of dislodge of title, have the fuel-gas-burning water heater appliance or appliances seismically braced, anchored, or strapped. This requirement is satisfied if, within 45 days prior to the transfer of title, the transferor signs a formal stating that each water heater appliance in the derived mobile home, derived manufactured home, or derived multifamily mobile home is secured pursuant to this section on the duration the formal is signed.

The Department of Housing and Community Development is to promulgate on or before July 1, 2009 rules and regulations that include standards for water heater seismic bracing, anchoring, or strapping. (Note: Section 3.5 in AB 2050 is not in effect.)
More changes were designed to the Health and Safety Code Section 18031.7 and Section 18029.6.

Regulation SB 1107 concerning Accommodations for Disabled Persons also became effective January 1, 2009. "This law requires manufactured home community management to allow an owner or resident to install accommodations for the incapacitated on their manufactured home or the site, lot, or space on which their manufactured home is located, as specified. It authorizes the management to require that the accommodations installed be removed by the current homeowner directly the time the manufactured home is removed from the park or pursuant to a written agreement prior to the completion of the resale of the mobile home, as specified. The law also permits a mobile home owner to share the home with a live-in caregiver who provides care pursuant to a written treatment plan defenseless being charged a fee for that person by the community management."

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