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10 ways to prevent car accidents

14th December 2010
By Adrian Vultur in Legal
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Car accidents cause many thousands of accidents and injuries in the UK each year, and over 90% of all car accidents can be attributed to driver error.

If you have suffered injuries after a road accident which was not your fault, you can claim compensation with the help of a regulated personal injury solicitor who specialises in compensation for road accident victims.

Minor injuries include whiplash, which is particularly common when one vehicle crashes into the back of another, causing the head to whip backwards and forwards at speed. A no win, no fee solicitor should pay you 100% of the compensation you are entitled to, and also give you a free claim assessment when you first contact him.

10 ways to prevent car accidents include:

1.Always wear your seatbelt, whether you are travelling in the back or the front of a car, and adjust your head restraint to the correct position – level with the top of your head. This will reduce the risk of a serious injury if you are involved in a car accident, and may also prevent severe whiplash injury.

2.Make sure your lights and indicators are working. It is impossible to see your lights when you are driving, so check these regularly to ensure you are visible in the distance or when travelling behind another vehicle.

3.Make sure your tyres are legal, and have plenty of tread left on them before the winter season. Also ensure your windscreen wipers are working properly and are not worn out. If you are driving in bad weather and you then discover your wipers are not working, visibility could be severely limited.

4.Keep well back from the vehicle in front. If you drive too closely, and the car in front has to stop suddenly, you are likely to crash into the back of it, and cause an accident.

5.Give plenty of warning to the vehicles behind you by indicating early, particularly if you are turning off a motorway. The driver behind may be distracted and miss your signals, so always be clear when you are turning off.

6.Avoid distractions when you are driving. If you need to use your phone, eat, drink or shout at the kids, pull over somewhere safe before you do it. Driver who use mobile phones while driving are up to four times more likely to suffer an accident.

7.Always keep to the speed limit on UK roads, even if other cars are overtaking you. Speeding causes thousands of accidents in the UK each year. If you speed, you are not only likely to cause an accident, but you will also be fined if the police spot you.

8.Avoid road rage at all costs. If another driver is cutting you up or driving erratically, do all you can to stay out of his way and never make hand gestures out of the window. As annoying as it may be, let the driver pass and continue safely on your way. If the other driver insists on following you, pull over at a safe place where there are plenty of people.

9.Avoid driving in icy, snowy conditions. If you have to drive when road conditions are bad, make sure you defrost your car thoroughly and always carry de-icer in the car. Turn on your headlights and drive extra slowly, keeping your distance from the car in front.

10.Never drive if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as this can severely affect your reactions. Even one glass of beer can impair you when driving, so make sure you are completely drug/alcohol free before you drive.

A personal injury solicitor in the UK will help you claim accident and injury compensation if you suffer injuries in a car crash that was not your fault. Contact a personal injury solicitor who works on a no win, no fee basis and one who will pay you 100% of the compensation.

Adrian vultur writes for Whiplash injury claims

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