Would You Like A ' Sell And Rent Back House ' Solution?

By: David Cuerden | Posted: 21st September 2010

It’s not easy leaving a house that you’ve made your home. When you’ve got kids who have been going to the neighborhood school for years, and you’ve got neighbors who have become great friends, selling your house is like uprooting your lives and starting all over again.

But when you’re facing house repossession or having financial difficulties, selling your house could be a last resort. But is it? Yes, you might have to sell your house to be able to pull together much-needed cash, but you don’t necessarily have to move out.

The Sell And Rent Back House option is your best bet at releasing equity and staying at the home you’ve grown to love. Should you choose to consider this plan of action, we have a number of Sell and Rent Back House providers authorized by the Financial Services Authority that we can recommend.

There’s even a bonus. Once you rent your property back, you won’t have to worry about miscellaneous expenses such as maintenance and renovations. The buyer will spend for anything that needs to fixed and for further maintenance of the house. And since you’re selling for cash and purchasing a new house, there’s no risk of getting stuck in a broken chain. The one thing that Sell and Rent Back house providers would ask though is that your mortgage and debts are not more than the market value of your property.

So if you’re having financial woes and thinking, “I probably should sell my house quickly,” that doesn’t automatically mean you have to move out and start all over again. You can always go for Sell and Rent Back House option.
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