FBG Internet & Law Services Department Vs one guy

By: ScottyRoss | Posted: 03rd October 2011

We were promised: a dedicated account manager to oversee our campaign to make sure it is running well and then 2 weeks in we are told that the stats could not be retrieved until 3 weeks in. Can you explain how you would tweak adverts, text, and copy to improve the CTR if you don't look at the stats?

Surely that is what an account manager should do, improve click through rates and conversions, not just post 2 ads and then take 90% of the money that has been paid.

I really feel like we receive exactly that 10% service. Thats another thing, how do know what ads are being successful if you only post one version? This is your job an I am having to tell you this?

Facebook updates this every 24 hours why can't you get the stats in that time to enable you to do your job correctly?

I would appreciate a response from a manager today, because as you can probably tell, i am furious.


From: Technical [mailto:technical@fbg.za.com]
Sent: 15 July 2011 16:47
To: Mr Bray '
Subject: RE: FBG Advert

Hi Oliver,

Im sorry that you feel this way, the difference is that we are targeting people that fit your customer profile.

On the continental package we guarantee 250,000 impressions a month this applies to every continental campaign we run.

Your campaign has already received over this amount. We are a trustworthy and honourable company and we have substantial amount of customers running campaigns on a monthly basis.

We have been advertising you company as per the terms and conditions agreed to, therefore no refund will be provided.

I will cancel your agreement as per the terms and conditions, your campaign will finish at the end of the first month.

I will try and increase the impressions for you for the final week.

Kind Regards
Technical Team

From: Mr Bray
Sent: 15 July 2011 17:46
To: 'Technical'
Subject: RE: FBG Advert

Unlike your good selves I actually deliver on my promises.




From: Law Services Dept [mailto:legal@lawservicesdept.com]
Sent: 18 July 2011 12:18
To: Mr Bray
Subject: Law Services Dept - FGB Internet

Dear Mr Oliver Bray

Law Services Dept has been instructed to contact you regarding your emails below in relation to blogs posted regarding FGB Internet.

Law Services Dept must inform you the blogs made regarding FBG Internet must be removed within 24 hours.

If you do not remove these blogs Law Services Dept will issue immediate legal proceedings in relation to this matter.

Law Services Dept request you advise once these blogs have been removed

If this matter is not resolved within 24 hours Law Services Dept will apply charges in relation to any future correspondence

Yours sincerely

Law Services Dept

Debt Recovery Specialist

From: Mr Bray
Sent: 18 July 2011 16:57
To: 'Law Services Dept'
Subject: RE: Law Services Dept - FGB Internet

Hello Monkeys.

Nice one. Send me an email from a made up legal website hosted on the same server as FBG Internet, which I note is only registered for one year, which really goes to show what a fly by night bunch of cowboys you really are.

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