Choosing the Easy Way Out in Divorce: Assets Assignment by Mutual Agreement

By: Christy | Posted: 21st March 2011

Divorce is a very difficult thing to endure, but it can be easier if the couple takes certain steps to help them through the process. Unfortunately this doesn’t often happen because there is usually only one party that wants the divorce in the first place. The party who feels wronged is unwilling to discuss the divorce or the assets that may become part of the settlement, so the process tends to drag on much longer than is necessary.

Many people who are parties to divorce see assets as something that is rightfully theirs, especially if they feel they are the wronged party—this is very common in cases where the couple just grows apart—because the one party feels they should try to work it out and the other wants to move on and put it behind him or her. There are many reasons a person may try to delay the process of divorce. The assets that are part of the divorce play an important role in the final process and can cause an unnecessary delay that can cause more trauma to both the divorcing parties and the children.

The best person to help you work through the terms of your divorce and its assets is your divorce lawyer. The person filing for divorce usually wants to get everything completed as soon as possible, but when there are delays caused by the other party it can cause more harm than good—not to count expense. It is for this reason that some states actually insist couples with children go through divorce counseling before they are allowed to even file the papers. Whether this is a good practice or not remains to be seen, but it at least encourages a couple planning to divorce to look more closely at the needs of the children.


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