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Why Motorcycles are Prone to Accidents

05th May 2009
By Mesriani Law Group in Legal
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Motorcycles are popular among young motorists for its mobility and speed. Now, more people, including professionals, use motorcycles as a means of transport.

In a busy metropolis like Los Angeles where traffic volume is often heavy, having a motorcycle is an advantage. Motorcycle riding is enjoyable but risky. However, motorcycle riders should consider the many risks involved in speeding and in driving motorcycles in general.

Streets and Highways of Los Angeles are often blocked by traffic especially during rush hours. Because of this, more people are now choosing motorcycles over regular vehicles.

Before purchasing or riding a motorcycle, it is important that people are aware of Motorcycle Accident Cases in Los Angeles which have injured and claimed many lives.

Reasons why Motorcycles are Dangerous

According to statistics, around 80% of motorcycle accidents result to death and injury. So, there is a high probability that riders will be injured and even killed every time they ride their motorcycles.

Many riders undermine the risks of riding motorcycles thinking that it will be compensated by the time they saved in traveling and the ease of riding a smaller, more efficient vehicle. Here are some of the disadvantages of riding a motorcycle:

• The rider is given less or no protection from crashes unlike in other vehicles where there are airbags and seatbelts.

• Any small glitch can cause a person's life as motorcycles are not as sturdy and as stable as other vehicles.

• Riding in tandem on a motorcycle is risky.

• Even small movements mad while riding a motorcycle is dangerous as the rider can lose his control over it.

Causes of Motorcycle Mishaps

These accidents can be prevented only if drivers will be disciplined and responsible enough to exercise caution. Here are some of the things which cause motorcycle accidents.

• Speeding. Speeding is very dangerous especially to smaller and less stable vehicles like motorcycles. A small, unnoticed stone in the road can cause a rider to be thrown away from his motorcycle.

• Miscalculation of Turns. Riders must be cautious in making turns as these are the usual reasons why motorists lose control over their vehicle.

• Unnoticed Road Fixtures. Motorists should be aware of road fixtures as impact to these can result to serious injuries.

Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riding can be of our advantage only if we learn how to properly handle these vehicles. Also, Motorcycle Accident Cases in Los Angeles can be lessened if only riders will think of their safety and of other's as well. There are numerous injuries that a person can incur from motorcycle accidents.

• Paralysis. Some suffer from paralysis because of their injury in their spinal cord. These injuries are commonly incurred from the impact of a person's back to any hard surface like pavements.

• Brain Bleeding. The sudden and severe impact of the head can cause the brain to bleed. Brain bleeding can result to death if he would not receive proper medical treatment.

• Loss of Limbs. There are those who suffer from broken bones which cannot be treated. Doctors would be then left with no other choice but to amputate the person's limbs to save his life.

Motorcycle accidents pose many dangers to its riders and other motorists and pedestrians near him. Riders must always keep their minds clear when driving so that they would not be able to act upon bad judgments.

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