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What Not to Do When Applying for a Marriage Visa

08th December 2010
By fianceevisa in Immigration Law
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What Not to Do When Applying for a Marriage Visa

A lot of couples experience frustrations when it comes to complying with the requirements of a marriage visa. If you are an American citizen with a foreign spouse abroad, acquiring a marriage visa is the only way to get him or her to the United States. But the process of obtaining a marriage visa is not a simple one and it is easy to make mistakes that can ruin your chances of being granted a speedy visa approval.

The following are just some of the things you should never do when applying for a K3 or spouse visa:

Do not file the marriage visa petition unless all your papers are complete and in order. We know that compiling all the documents required will take time and a lot of legwork, but there are expert visa services that you can get to do this work for you. offers the best deal on visa services.

Do not submit the petition without first making sure that you have the correct forms and that all the necessary fields have been filled up correctly and accurately. Government forms do sometimes look so much alike. It is easy to mistake one form for another. has done many marriage visa petitions and will be able to tell you if you have the right forms and guide you in the proper way of accomplishing them.

Do not file the petition without first paying the correct fees. No K3 visa petition will be accepted by the USCIS without payment of the appropriate fees.

Do not let your spouse come to the interview without first coaching him or her. Most wrong answers to the visa interview questions could have been avoided if only the applicant had been coached by someone knowledgeable about the visa process. Likewise, a foreigner sometimes offends or alienates the American consul interviewing him or her at the U.S. embassy due to inappropriate appearance or mannerisms.

Do not get the services of expensive lawyers who may not even be immigration experts. Why pay more when you can get competent, professional help at affordable prices. specializes in marriage based immigration document preparation. Hire us now to get the best immigration assistance and have your foreign national spouse by your side in the soonest possible time. Call us now at (888) 894-8655 or visit us at for more information. Consultation is free.
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