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The End of the Pool Season Means Big Savings from Pool Builders!

16th October 2012
By Pallavi Sharma in Business Law
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As the days of summer wind down, the last thing on your mind may be making plans to build a swimming pool. However, savvy shoppers know that the best time to get a bargain is when there is less demand, and the same goes with pool builders. Being a seasonal business, pool builders usually have great incentives to entice you to build your pool in the fall or winter.

To overcome any objections to building off season, pool builders may offer pool service until the spring and absorb the cost of maintaining your pool when you arenít using it. In the colder climates, pool builders may offer free winterization and a free swimming pool opening in the spring. In the warmer climates, the swim season is longer and therefore pool builders may have great savings on solar heating, which can add an additional month or two of swim time.

If you do chose to build now, keep in mind that it is best to have your swimming pool completed before any rainy season that you may have. If you do your landscaping around the swimming pool in the fall too, you will have mature foliage when the next swim season comes. You should also be aware that if you wait until next spring or summer to build your pool, you take the risk of paying more as pool builders typically negotiate rates with their vendors in early January and then implement new pricing in the beginning of February

If you make the decision to build now instead of waiting for next year, you need to call one or more pool builders for consultations. After you determine who the most experienced and reputable pool builders are in your area, talk to them about helping you determine the pool that best suits your imagination, yard and budget to fulfill your familyís dream. Just as important is finding pool builders with the ability to produce what they promise, is that they ensure that they will oversee every phase of construction if any subcontractors are used. You should only have to communicate with one person during your pool building process and that should be the person who sold you your pool.

When it comes to design, good pool builders will lead you through the options and styles that can maximize your yardís space. While many still choose free-form style pools with rocks and waterfalls, the current trend in pool building is beginning to include more classic designs such as Grecian and Roman styles.

Discuss your dream with the pool builders that you select to bid on your project and see who understands what your vision is. If they are up to date with all the current trends, they should also be able to create a personalize 3D design on their computers to show you how your pool will look in your yard, as it relates to placement near your home and any existing hard cape that you have. Pool builders should have design skills that produce a truly unique creation for you, as your thoughts and preferences are unlike anyone elseís.

So donít wait any longer. Do your homework and ask friends, family, and co-workers if they know a reputable pool builder and begin the process of interviewing and selecting the one to build your dream. Not only will you get a great off season deal, but you and your family will be the first ones swimming on that first hot spring day.

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