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Business Law

IT support services- a necessity for Today’s Modern Business

07th October 2011
IT support stands for information technology support. IT support is also commonly known as technical support. Technical support is a range of services providing assistance with technology products such as mobile phones, televisions, computers, sof...
Author: Andy_Mehra
Immigration Law

Immigration Legal Assistant Jobs

24th January 2011
The primary work on the immigration paralegal is to assist the lawyer or attorney in his work on legal look for of many immigration laws. They also assist their clients in filing appropriate documentation in many legal applications. They're an important p...
Author: BooneGomez
Personal Injury

Choose The Right Attorney For Your Personal Injury Cases

07th December 2010
Accidents are the parts of every one’s life and may harm anybody at anywhere. In several places especially in USA daily thousands of accidents transpire including severe or minor. These may happen while crossing road, at work space, inside the homes and s...
Author: sttaylor
Immigration Law

Waiver....An Essential Passport To Enter To The US

15th September 2010
Existence of a criminal record can be a big hindrance to not only getting good jobs but also entering the US. While traveling to the US especially, the most important thing to keep in mind is that if you hold a criminal record in your home country be it C...
Author: astonbordon
Business Law

Small Business Manufacturer: Improve Your Business Skills without Facing Jeopardy

23rd June 2010
It is true that for any budding entrepreneur, initiating a new business is not a cake walk. There are lots of aspects which are supposed to be considered by them before starting the process. However, it is rightly said that practice makes the man perfect....
Author: Emilyralph
Accident claims

Preparing for the initial consultation with an accident lawyer

11th June 2010
An accident may act as a hindrance to your personal and professional life. And when it happens because of no fault of yours, it is necessary that you seek justice. According to the US laws, any victim of an accident caused by the negligence or wrongdoing ...
Author: branson23
Family Law

The Basics of Child Custody and Uncontested Divorce

12th April 2010
There are lots of things that need to be agree upon in order to arrive at a mutually accepted settlement so that you will have the ability to file uncontested divorce forms. While property division may be high on your mind, child custody and the future of...
Author: Sharon Peppers
Real Estate Law

Leasing Issue

01st April 2010
In real estate industry you should always be prepare to meet the new demands and challenges in every day life. Your property related issues are big hindrance in your peaceful life. The most important and time demanding thing is landlord-tenants relationsh...
Author: James Kahn


18th February 2010
DOUBLE TAXATION AVOIDANCE AGREEMENT (DTAA) Every country has the sovereign right to tax income accruing, arising or received in it, on account of the activity carried on in its territory. If every nation resorts to tax and if the activities ar...
Author: Rajiv Tuli