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How you can Apply for H1B Visa Extension?

04th March 2011
As of right now you will find a lot of choices which are open for anyone who wish to work temporarily in the United states on the H1B extension. There are numerous work classes that consist of intra-company transfer visa (L-1 visa), B-1 visa, H-2B visa, H...
Author: Al Kola
Immigration Law

US H-1B visa cap reached for the FY 2011

17th February 2011
United States, 3rd February: The US H-1B visa quota for the fiscal year 20911 has been reached, stated the US immigration department. Speaking about the statutory cap, the USCIS (UC Citizenship and Immigration Services) stated that acceptance of applicat...
Author: canadaupdates
Real Estate Law

Arizona Real Estate Law Limits Time for Failure to Disclose Defects

14th February 2011
One year after a buyer moves into a home, which was a new home when the seller purchased the home three years earlier, there is significant roof leaking due to heavy rains. A roofing contractor says that the cost to repair the roof will be $15,000. The ...
Author: Christopher

IRS Tax Debt Settlement Expert Help in Resolving Tax Problems

22nd November 2010
Hassle is among the primary uncertainties that individuals possess. Is an IRS tax relief hassle free or not? The unquestionable answer here is actually that it is. All you must do is make contact with the tax relief company you have selected for the objec...
Author: Saul Myers
Immigration Law

H1B Visa Requirements and Process

09th November 2010
Any foreign national who seeks to enter the United States must obtain a visa. The United States visas are classified into Immigrant and Non-immigrant visas. The immigrant visas are used by people who wish to travel to live permanently in US and non-immigr...
Author: Paul Anderson
Immigration Law

Section 5: Citizenship by Registration

08th November 2010
Subject to the provisions of this section and such other conditions and restrictions as may be prescribed, the Central Government may, on an application made in this behalf, register as a citizen of India any person not being an illegal migrant who is not...
Author: Help Line Law
Medical Malpractice

After Patient Tells 3 Physicians About His Symptoms Physicians Do Not Detect Prostate Cancer For Yea

03rd August 2010
Once multiple doctors become involved in the care a patient it can be very important for them to communicate urgent diagnostic results as well as follow-up and treatment suggestions to the patient and other doctors. The need for such communication is not ...
Author: J. Hernandez

Colon Cancer Kills Woman After Doctor Missed It During Three Colonoscopies

09th July 2010
Men and women with a family background of colon cancer as well as people with symptoms are at higher risk of getting colon cancer. The main procedure used by doctors to check for colon cancer when an inidividual has a family history or reports a symptom, ...
Author: J. Hernandez

Claiming a tax rebate as a working student

19th April 2010
If you are a student who works you could be entitled to a tax rebate as your employer may not have taken into account the fact that you earn less than the current tax free allowance. Anyone who earns over the tax free allowance - £6,475 for 2010/2011...
Author: Ben Greenwood

Claiming an income tax rebate if you're unemployed

16th April 2010
If you are unemployed then you may be able to claim what is likely to be a much needed income tax refund from the tax man. Assuming you were working during a tax year but were then made redundant for whatever reason, you can probably claim some money b...
Author: Ben Greenwood
Personal Injury

Understanding Personal Injury Statute of Limitation

13th April 2010
Filing a personal injury lawsuit against an offender is a good idea because you will be able to exercise your rights. However, there are certain limitations and considerations that you should first fulfill to carry on with your complaint. The personal...
Author: Mesriani Law Group

Statute of Limitations - Time Limits for Filing a Civil or Criminal Lawsuit

29th September 2009
A statute of limitations is a law, which set outs the time limits within which a civil or criminal lawsuit must be commenced. The limitation depends on the type of claim and whether the lawsuit is filed in federal or state court. Each state has its own st...
Author: Daniel Berry