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Mounting a Successful Negligence Claim

14th January 2011
Mounting a Successful Negligence Claim A successful negligence claim can lead to a sizeable compensation award in many cases, depending on the damages suffered. A negligence claim can be brought against professionals in many sectors, including those wh...
Author: Wells

10 Things You Need To Know About Professional Negligence Law and Solicitors

01st November 2010
It is mandatory for any professional to perform the job assigned to him/her to the expected criterion. Sometimes, they fail to provide the level of professionalism expected from them. As a consequence, if you have suffered an irretrievable financial damag...
Author: Mac Anthony
Personal Injury

The Forms of Negligence

05th October 2010
Having family and loved ones in a nursing home can become a worrisome endeavor. Are they kept safe? Are they getting the proper care they need? How can you be sure they’re living comfortably? It is not always the case that the elderly are being abused...
Author: Tikee Pittman
Personal Injury

Longmont and Boulder Personal Injury & Accident Attorneys

22nd June 2010
If you have ever suffered from a personal injury due to any individual's negligence, then you deserve genuine justice at the same time with the compensation and care. At that time you need to consult a dedicated law firm offering personal injury and accid...
Author: edsmithlaw
Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice

16th March 2010
Medical malpractice means professional negligence through act or omission done by a health care giver wherein the care provided diverges from acceptable standards of medical practice and causes harm or death to a patient. Regulations and standards for med...
Author: nuscheysmith
Personal Injury

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10th August 2009
An injury lawyer has spoken out about professional negligence within the swimming pool industry and the products it provides. The lawyer has warned homeowners with swimming pools, that their filters could be faulty and that they could be swimming by a ...
Author: catherine