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Medical Malpractice

Depakote Lawsuits Due to Birth Defects

06th January 2011
Depakote, or known by a generic name of Valproate Semisodium, and Divalproex sodium is a drug that was marketed by Abbott, it is prescribed to treat manic episodes of bipolar disorder. Many doctors are prescribing it to prevent from someone having a manic...
Author: Aaron Kelly
Accident claims

The common causes of whiplash.

23rd June 2010
There are a lot of reasons why someone may find themselves suffering from whiplash symptoms. This UK whiplash compensation article focuses on the effects of whiplash to drivers and passengers who have been involved in any type of Road Traffic Accident. ...
Author: IanG
Personal Injury

Important information for new spinal cord injury survivors

22nd June 2010
Surviving a spinal cord injury can be as emotionally challenging for the victims friends and family as it can be for the victim. There are several factors that will influence recovery such as: the speed and quality of care, how soon following an injury is...
Author: SEOTechi
Personal Injury

A Spine Injury Can Put Your Life In Jeopardy

02nd June 2010
Spinal injuries can be one of the most dangerous injuries to sustain, and can take the longest to heal. The spine is the message system of the body, gathering the information taken in by nerves on our skin's surface or through our eyes, and relaying this ...
Author: Nick Messe
Personal Injury

All You Need to Know About Spinal Cord Injuries

13th April 2010
Spinal cord injury is one of the leading causes of death in the United States with over 8,000 victims each year. This kind of injury can cause a major change in the person's personal and professional life. Most of the time, spinal cord injury patients...
Author: Mesriani Law Group

Baby Crib Defect Resulting to Accidents

11th March 2010
A child's safety should always be a top of priority of parents as well as the manufacturers of products that they commonly use. Ironically, a lot of reported child death is a result of defective products that manufacturers have failed to control and k...
Author: Mesriani Law Group