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25th July 2012
Millions of men and women go through divorce proceedings every year and yet many give little thought to finding a lawyer that will best meet their needs. While a good lawyer will lead you through the divorce quagmire and hopefully get you the best pos...
Author: Edward L. Amaral, Jr., Esq.

Divorce Lawyer: Dealing With Contested Divorce

10th June 2011
four.) Request irrespective of whether the attorney you are talking with will be accountable for negotiating the terms of the divorce or if a further lawyer in the firm will be accountable. It is often superior to know who will be representing you and oft...
Author: Ross Bentley

Instant Online Divorce Court Records Retrieval

16th November 2010
The Vital Records Office normally houses all sorts of vital public files of the states. However, Arizona Divorce Records is not one of those documents that this office provides. The said account is only accessible at the Clerk of the Superior Court in the...
Author: Ben Dave

Private Investigator Indonesia Update: Dating Scams and Internet Fraud

14th June 2010
Indonesia is a country with a high degree of fraud and corruption, ranked 59th out of 160 on the NationMaster Government Corruption list, so it is important to understand a person or companies background before getting too involved on a personal or busine...
Author: privateinvestigator
Criminal Law

Using Criminal Records Texas

22nd April 2010
Today, there are several reasons one may want to run a Texas Criminal Records, or Criminal Arrest Records search on a variety of individuals. This can range from employment to dating and beyond. For, when one is going to hire someone, then one wants to fi...
Author: Benjo Mars
Accident claims

Michigan Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers, Accident Analysis, Dram Shop Law & Prevention

19th April 2010
In Michigan, any driver with blood-alcohol absorption (BAC) above .08 percent is considered "per se intoxicated" under the law. Driving under the influence is a serious offense and is the cause of many wrongful deaths in Michigan. The number of car acc...
Author: LBuckfire
Internet Law

Internet Fraud

31st March 2010
Internet fraud has become popular these days, the main reason being it is on the rise and it is simply a new outlet for scammers. This scamming is either done by a person or by mail. The more technology we get the more options of scamming a scammer has th...
Author: Private Detective


23rd February 2010
Private investigators are investigators who work for private citizens and companies, meaning they don't usually work for police or other government organizations. You hire an investigator to work for you and look after your interests. They are on your sid...
Author: Scott Prendergast

Find out the Real Name For a PO Box Owner

30th December 2008
Copyright (c) 2008 Ed Opperman Private investigators are sometimes hired to locate and/or identify the physical address of someone who owns a Post Office box (PO box) or Postal Mail box (PMB). In the business, it is referred to as a "Post Office Box br...
Author: Ed Opperman

Role of Modern Private Investigator

16th June 2007
A Private Detective or Private Investigator (PI) is a person who conducts investigations, usually for a private citizen, business, or organization. They also can work for attorneys in civil cases or criminal cases on behalf of a defense attorney or a clie...
Author: Dhruv Mehta