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Breach of Employment Contract

27th June 2012
In the event that you believe that your employer has acted unfairly towards you or has made changes to your work or job without your agreement, then your employer could be legally liable for breach of contract. The employment law in the UK understands...
Author: Clark_Taylor

How To Divulge To Friends Your Impending Divorce

15th September 2010
The most difficult aspect of getting a divorce is severing ties with a person whom you loved once, and perhaps saddening your children if you have any. Divorce is always hard for everyone, even the one who initiated the divorce and decided to put an end t...
Author: sagbee
Internet Law

Making a Web Designer's Perfect Portfolio is Easy

26th May 2010
For a website designer creating a portfolio is very important because it gives your employers to have a look at your potentials, talents and previous work. For a stand out portfolio that helps the employer to select, you should make it attractive. It help...
Author: Manprit
Employment Law

Employment Law - A Guide for Employees

14th May 2010
If you are a UK employee and feel like you have been treated unlawfully at work then it is advisable to seek legal advice as soon as possible. An employment law solicitor will be able to help you with your problem and advise you as to what claims you migh...
Author: Tim Bishop

Constructive Dismissal - A Simple Guide

06th May 2010
Constructive dismissal is a complicated area, and many people are not entirely sure what it means. If your employer has acted in such a way that you feel you simply have to leave your current employment, this may mean you have a claim for constructive dis...
Author: Tim Bishop
Family Law

Seeking Assistance from Spouse and children Lawyers

16th April 2010
What could be the job description of the spouse and children lawyer, and why need to you employ 1? Family members lawyers are adept with troubles pertaining to household law. You can find some loved ones lawyers which might be also authorities in other le...
Author: Duncan
Business Law

Recruiting Staff - How to Avoid Basic Mistakes

29th March 2010
Staff recruitment is a complex area, like the rest of employment law. Employers who follow the advice given below should be able to avoid making basic mistakes, and stop themselves being forced to pay discrimination compensation. Recruitment - The Firs...
Author: Tim Bishop

Importance of an Employment Manual

19th June 2009
Employee manual preparation is essential to every business. Without clear rules and policies, employers and employees could end up taking advantage of each other. Rules and policies should be set as to curb misunderstandings in the future. So even befo...
Author: Mesriani Law Group