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Emotional Distress Caused by Workplace Bullies

21st July 2009
Emotional distress claims at workplace are usually caused by workplace bullying by a superior or a co-employee. The emotional distress could be caused by actions by an individual or a group and workplace bullying can take on different forms. Workpl...
Author: Mesriani Law Group

UK Personal Tax Advisers- The Benefits

29th April 2009
The reasons why appointing a Professional Tax Adviser will Pay Dividends Most individuals would benefit from regular professional tax advice during their lifetime, from those who have on-going annual requirements such as filling in the yearly self asse...
Author: moviesplanet

The Stages of Civil Litigation

02nd December 2006
Getting involved in a lawsuit can be a very stressful situation, regardless of which side you are on. To limit the stress, it often helps to understand the process and stages of litigation. What is civil litigation? Civil litigation is a lawsuit whereb...
Author: Gerard Simington

How to Stop Drinking and Driving – DUI Arrests Not Enough

02nd December 2006
The simple answer is to not drink and drive, and for simple people that is fine. But having worked with persons convicted of drinking and driving offenses for over 20 years, I know the answer is not that straightforward. The true answer is more complic...
Author: Ed Reither

Damages following road accident claims

06th December 2005
Damages in Road Traffic Accident Cases: Any lawyer's aim in dealing with a personal injury claim is to be able to achieve an appropriate level of damages (compensation) for the person who has been injured through no fault of their own. The aim of ...
Author: martin nolan
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