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Avoiding Traffic School by Driving Safely

15th February 2011
Good observation is the key factor in safety driving. Observe your surroundings, visual alerts, and even signs. Keep an eye out for things that can block your way like trees, signs, shrubs, and cattle. Watch for pedestrians and dangerous road hazards at a...
Author: infofreaks
Personal Injury

Important information for new spinal cord injury survivors

22nd June 2010
Surviving a spinal cord injury can be as emotionally challenging for the victims friends and family as it can be for the victim. There are several factors that will influence recovery such as: the speed and quality of care, how soon following an injury is...
Author: SEOTechi
Accident claims

Preventing Motorcycle Accidents Safety Info

09th April 2010
When you are riding the road on a motorcycle there are times when you will drive more cautiously because it is easier to get into an accident and this is something everyone tries to avoid daily. In safety class they actually have you practicing how to rid...
Author: Penelope Stone