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Accident claims

Simple Tips to Write a Personal Injury Demand Letter

19th April 2011
Writing a powerful personal injury demand letter can significantly improve your car accident claims. At the same time, you don't quite need to have a law degree or employ a costly personal injury attorney to write a strong demand letter. Listed below ...
Author: Asif
Accident claims

Wisconsin Car vs Pedestrian Accidents

08th April 2010
Pedestrian accidents can result in catastrophic injuries. Pedestrians are overly vulnerable when in an accident with a vehicle because they do not benefit from the protection of the vehicle.In the United States, each year, there are approximately 5,000 pe...
Author: Randall Rozek
Accident claims

Proving Who's at Fault in an Auto Accident

22nd March 2010
When you are involved in a car crash, your first thoughts do not usually include proving who is at fault. However, it is important to get the information collected just in case there are questions. Your insurance company or the other person involved could...
Author: lisa