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IGNOU Assignments A much needed guideline for students to clear their exams.

21st March 2011
IGNOU is the largest Open University and the fifth largest University in the World. IGNOU played a crucial role in the establishment of Distance Education Council (DEC) that is responsible for setting up the standards of Distance Education in India. It ...
Author: Sunita Roy

Necessary Steps to Consider When Choosing the Right Divorce Law Firm

08th November 2010
Divorce takes place when the married couple is not functioning well. There are many reasons why couples want to separate and want a divorce. It can be from lack of mutual understanding between couples such as not working out their family issues and proble...
Author: Susan J Morris
Immigration Law

Things to look before hiring DC immigration lawyer

09th July 2010
When you are facing any kind of immigration related issues, you should search out for a DC immigration lawyer. Immigration attorneys are the experts in immigration law field and they are well acquainted with all aspects of moving overseas. However, for su...
Author: Pardhi Media Marketing

Filing Online Tax Return Really Makes Your Life Simple

10th December 2009
Today, people are making lot of money. However, as the question to make their income tax returns, they prove their back. Also well cultured citizens of our country don't feel to pay their tax in time. The issue of tax returns would get resolve very simply...
Author: josephwaldman1984

The Importance of a Fictitious Business Name

10th July 2009
A business name identifies and distinguishes one product or brand from another. So, when starting a business, it is necessary to have an identity or name and file Fictitious Business Name (FBN) Statement before engaging in any transaction. This can as...
Author: Mesriani Law Group

How To Copyright Serial and Periodical Works

04th June 2006
If you are trying to register any type of newspaper, magazine or other periodically occurring work you should follow the copyright process as explained here. Serial and periodical works can generally be described as any work issued in parts that can be ch...
Author: Brian Johansson